Ibn AL Haytham Medical Co.

Our Services

More than 221 pharmaceutical products are registered under the name of   Ibn Al Haytham Medical Company . 

Regulatory and Registration

All regulatory and registration services through our well trained personnel and strong relationships with registration authorities in the State of Qatar,

  • Classification of Medical products
  • Registration of New Pharmaceutical & Herbal Products
  • Applying any Variation on Pharmaceutical & Herbal Products
  • Follow up with MOH for any updates or circular

Pharmaceutical Warehouse

Full equipped warehouse is available to store medicines with a cold chain room to store vaccines, 

  • Master planned for optimum efficiency 
  • Pre-engineered structures 
  • Special floor slabs 
  • Internal clearance of 7 meters 
  • Dedicated firefighting system for each warehouse 
  • Sufficient dock doors for efficient operations 
  • Wide area for maneuvering in front of docking doors 
  • Adequate office space

Multi-Channel Distribution

Trusted relationships with key decision makers in Hamad Medical Corporation and  Governmental Health Centers
Excellent penetration at all levels of private sectors (Ex. Hospitals, Policlinics, Solo-clinics, Dental Clinics, Pharmacies, Schools and Hypermarkets)

Marketing & Sales

Seeking opportunities to expand existing businesses, start new ventures in strategically important sectors and seek acquisition opportunities where real value proposition exist.

and with our Tenders Department we Participate in all tenders announced by Hamad Medical Corporation ( Governmental ) , Semi- Governmental & private hospitals in Qatar .